How to Setup Payroll in QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks Desktop Payroll is considered to be the easiest medium for paying your employees. Small-Medium scale business employers who have not yet paid their employees you are the right place. If you have not purchased any Payroll subscription, dial +1-800-807-1768 for QuickBooks desktop payroll support. In this guide, you will learn how to set up Payroll manually in QuickBooks desktop. The following steps apply for all versions of QuickBooks Desktop Payroll i.e. Basic, Assisted, Standard, and Enhanced.

Set up your Employees in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll

The first and most important step where you have to set up your employee’s information accurately

  • Click Employees > QuickBooks Payroll Setup
  • Initially confirm that you are running QuickBooks Payroll for the very first time for your business and click on Continue
  • Employee setup in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll
    • Enter employees basic information in the form
    • Enter employees W4 information in the employee setup form
    • Fill out employee based state tax details and tap finish
    • To add more employees, click on add employee tab and do the same.

After you finish with filling up your employee’s information, you can run your payroll now

  • Set up Bank account, Paycheck date, and Paycheck period ends
  • You will see a Check Options window select your paycheck method
    • Print Paychecks: Send Paychecks for printing
    • Manual Handwritten Paychecks: While writing checks enter FIRST CHECK#.
    • When you will enter the check number it will increase by one as the check number mentioned in the BANK ACCOUNT area.
  • Enter and verify the amount and mark the employees you want to pay (if you are doing multiple payments)
  • Click on next and save. Congratulations you are done with setting up your payroll in QuickBooks desktop.

For any QuickBooks desktop or online payroll related queries, get connected with one of our QuickBooks payroll support representatives on +1-800-807-1768 and get instant remote support via QuickBooks. Remember if you have paid your employees before, you need to perform a Payroll setup Interview where you have to collect the necessary information and enter it. This might be a complex set up where most QuickBooks users get stuck. If you are one of them, contact QuickBooks payroll support for further help.

NOTE: Do not use PAYROLL SETUP INTERVIEW, if you have subscribed to QuickBooks Assisted Payroll.

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